We seek bright, motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds to join our team. L’Alliance Française de Milwaukee offers a multi-cultural, multi-lingual workplace where staff work together to fulfill our mission of promoting, sharing and enjoying the culture, language, and friendship of the French-speaking world.

Why Learn French This Year?

Because it uses the same sort of analytical skill that math does, but rather than equations, you end up with poetry.

Because it's not simply goal oriented.

Because it's a challenge.

Because it opens up a completely different time and culture.

Because it's gymnastics for the mind.

Because it is both elegantly compact and wildly errant.

Because the only knowledge that is useless is knowledge you lack.

Because it improves your memory.

Because it will teach you more about your own mother tongue.

Because you can translate all those French phrases writers throw into their books and articles.

Because it allows you to join a conversation that's been ongoing for thousands of years.

Because it inspires love as well as exasperation.

Because learning to parse verbs and nouns helps you parse other questions.

Because it improves speaking and writing skills.

Because it is constantly amazing.

Because you can read some great literature in the original language.

Because it builds your vocabulary.

Because it helps you understand history and culture.

Because it helps you make connections between disparate concepts.

Because it teaches you to order your thoughts in a fundamentally different way.

Because it is ubiquitous and immortal.

Because you will learn about ancient mythology, gods, and goddesses.

Because you can scatter French phrases into your conversations.

Because your friends may think you are crazy in an interesting way.

Because it might just change your life.

"I wanted to embark on a new endeavor, one that would be more than a hobby, that might lead to a new life, even though I didn't know what that life might look like. Something that would be fun and meaningful."--author Ann Patty