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Bienvenue à la Bibiothèque et à la Culturethèque

Interested in Iranian writers? Inspired by this year's Nobel winners? Check out Persepolis from the AF library!

Visit us, by appointment, to check out materials!
In the library you'll find:

Visit our library! DVDs are now self-checkout.
Livres d'enfants
La cuisine Française
Les guides de voyage
Les Bandes Dessinées
Les romans policiers
Les livres en anglais
Les livres en français facile
La sélection du staff
Le thème du mois
Les romans modernes
Les romans classiques
Les pièces de théâtre
Les recueils de poésie
Les magazines
La Francophonie

and more!

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What is Culturethèque?

Culturetheque is an online library that offers members free and unlimited access to over 350,000+ digital materials, including magazines, e-books, songs, concerts, videos, and language learning exercises.

Culturethèque is back!

The new version features a more ergonomic interface, better content readability, a powerful search engine, a personalized user experience, and more.

30- day free trial!

Try out the digital library for 30 days under their new, free trial system!

Full-time access to the Culturethèque digital library is an exclusive benefit of membership at the Alliance Française de Milwaukee but you can now see if this benefit is right for you with the 30- day free trial! 

How do I sign up for Culturethèque?

Step 1: Make sure you are a member or student of the Alliance Française de Milwaukee! Culturethèque access in the United States is exclusive to members of Alliance Françaises and similar organizations.

Step 2: If you had an account on the previous version of Culturethèque with an expiration date after 12/31/23, check your email for a link to validate your account on the new platform.

OR: If your account expired before 12/31/23, head to and click on “Login” at the top of the page. Then click “create an account,” follow the prompts, and validate your email.

Step 3: Once you've either validated or created your account, an administrator will approve it if you’re a member!

If your account hasn’t been approved by the end of the 30- day trial, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Non-members can also access the 30- day free trial!) 

Need extra help?

Annika has recorded some tutorials on how to use Culturethèque! If you would like to see a step by step instructional video on how to use the site, click the links below!